10 Students and 6 Professors, from Community ‘Eligany County’ College of Petrsberg city from penselvenia, America, visited the school for special children CHIRAG on 06th January to spend time, with the special children of Chirag School, and collected the information regarding the method of teaching and other related activities.
Proffesor Surjana Kanjula, told that, their students came to India for the study of the subject of ‘comparative cultures and politics of India and USA’. Community service is essential for the students in this course. With respect to this, they have come to Agra in Chirag School, to visit special children. They had received information about Chirag Special School from social media.
The Chief Executive officer Smt. Sonam Yangdol welcomed all the members of the group. The American students Brought different types of toys, colour for drawing and toffees with them. The students after making different groups among themselves, interacted with special children, present in all the classes. Graci, one of the group member told that, “Visit to India will always be remembered due to Chiraj School”. The CEO Smt. Sonam Yangdol invited the American students to re visit Agra again.



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